Born in Zilina, Slovakia, Rob Matejka began to connect visually with his world as soon as he could hold a pencil. He arrived in Toronto at age 7 with parents Miro and Xenia and younger brother Tommy. Spending much of their play and social time drawing, the brothers had obvious artistic interests and talents from early childhood. Continuing to explore artistically, Rob went on to study the Fine Arts, and has been a freelance artist ever since.  

Parallel to his individual expression Rob has nurtured a long-running relationship with school and community arts programming including various youth-at-risk projects. 

Rob’s personal artistic direction comes from a background in mural painting, illustration work and live performance art. Presently Rob is dedicated to expanding his BITE collection and further evolving his textile & silk-screen printing techniques and style.

Rob Matejka
The BARK behind BITE


Discover life's beauty and become
of it's countless forms.

Appreciate it's diversity with open celebration.

Thoughtful conservation will ensure endless discoveries.

Put a Conscious BITE into your Wardrobe!

...discovery, awareness, appreciation,
      celebration, conservation...

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